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The goal of the American Flag Rugby program is to introduce young players to the game, instill its traditions of sportsmanship, and have fun. The successful 4-division format addresses the problem of significant age and ability differences within the divisions, particularly among the younger children. Within any division however, highly qualified players (defined as being physically skilled, attentive, and socially capable) should be encouraged and allowed to move up to the next division. This may be done upon unanimous agreement between the older divisions head coach, a parent, and the program administrator.

The game of American Flag Rugby is actually four different games. Each division plays a variation on the game with its own specific rules and procedures. In this non-contact game, kids play a version of sevens where the defense removes the ball carrier’s Velcro flag instead of creating a tackle situation. The game is co-ed in four age groups ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade.

The Divisions: Age Appropriate Variations

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